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Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Scrap Bundles...

Hello hello hello!!!

I have been crafting away like a NINJA I tell you!!

well, maybe not a ninja, cause I haven't been very stealthy about it. Maybe more like a very producting machine...but that doesn't sound as cool does it?!


As you all know, I recently took this class:

and well, it was awesome.

It's finished now but you can take it as a self-paced class. Lets face facts, I kept up for about 2 days (with 'homework' and then my kids realised where I was and found me LOL.)

So one of the concepts Jennifer McGuire mentioned (I wont give them all away, coz the class is REALLY SERIOUSLY worth taking), was a Scrap Bundle. All those little scraps/strips/blocks of paper and cardstock that end up lying around on your desk?? (Yes, those). You bundle them all up together and then, when you have time/the inclination--you make a card out of them. THE SCRAPS!!

So I took the challenge :)

This is a photo of the scraps I had on my table.
As you can see, some larger pieces, some tiny pieces, but NO full pieces of anything. To make more sense of it, I seperated the pieces into size groups (tiny strips together, larger sized pieces together, random funny-shaped, plain white--suitable for sentiment etc)

Then, to help my brain make some sense of this large group of bits n pieces, I sorted them further into grouplets (yes that's a word). At least one larger piece per grouplet, then a few strips, blocks etc anything to make a Scrap Bundle that could actually become a card.

Sorry these two photos are on their sides, for some reason they wont rotate lol

So... after this, I started making cards. I didn't question the Scrap Bundle (that would be wrong). I just went with whatever was in the bundle (or grouplet :))

To help along the way, any pieces that were left over once a card was made, went into the next Scrap Bundle and so on, and so forth.

In total, I made SEVEN cards. And overall, they only took me about 1.5 hours to do them all. (Even though that was split up over two days lol THANKS KIDS!)

I'll show you two today (coz you've read my rambling) and then I'll show you one a day for the rest of the week (except for days when I've got a DT post :)) I'm going to show you them in the order I created them too :)

So here are today's offerings:

dream big

I know it looks like most of what is on this card isn't in the photo, but it's the flipsides of a few of the patterned papers. Its the grouplet in the top left of the second photo. I used a Simon Says Stamp die to make the flower and Hero Arts sentiment.

Here is the second card:

large banner_diecutcircle

I added a piece of kraft cardstock for the cardbase (it wasn't in the photo but it WAS on my desk, as was the Mossy Made button and the Lawn Fawn twine :)) The central panel was aqua cardstock that I covered with washi tape :)


That's it for me tonight, I'll be back soon!!

*crafty hugs*

Linda xx


Leslie Hanna said...

OMGosh! This is fabulous! And if Heaplet is a word in my world, then grouplet is a very good word. I might steal it.

And even though the kids found you, 7 cards?!?! Wowza. I might try this.

~amy~ said...

These are wonderful scrap cards!

Wendy G. said...

Well done, Linda! I am going to start making heaplets/grouplets of my own and start creating.

rcwidow (Linda) said...

Love your scrap cards! I must try this.