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Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Happy Birthday Mary Dawn


I'm here with a short, but important post, about a short, but important woman.

Mary Dawn.

She's awesome.

She's my friend--and that's awesome in and of itself.

But today? Well today you see, she's 40. That means this blessed ol' world has been lucky enough to have her awesomeness (yes that's a word) wandering around for 40 years. What a lucky world we live in :)

Let me get a lil' sentimental with you if I may, about my friend Mary Dawn.
She's honest, to the point where you'll spit your coffee out when you see just HOW honest she is.
She's loyal.
She's gorgeous (inside AND out)
She's funny as all GET OUT (or is it geddout?! i dont know..)
She's sweet and kind.
She's fragile and uncertain at times, despite all the above amazeballs (her word) traits and her balls-to-the-wall strength.
She's got an UH-MAZING sense of style and colour. I've never known anyone with such a natural talent.
She can spell words in the wrong way, that make you wonder why they weren't spelt that way in the first place. eg inoright (i know right), geaux tou bed (I'll let you figure that one out)
She's thoughtful, lovely and just downright beautimous (another of her words).

And like I said, she's my friend. (and I get to run A Blog Named Hero with her :))

How lucky am I?!?

So anyways, it's her birthday.

So I thought I'd make her a card.
I used Hero Arts background dot pattern, and a Simon Says Stamp card kit from a couple of months ago for the rest.
It's complex, and bright and pretty and makes me smile. Just like Mary Dawn does :)

Here's a close up (of the card, not MD...)

So please read the sentiment on the card my love, and do so. Celebrate Friend!

If you'd like to see the rest of the cards the DT made for her, head over to the blog!

Thanks for stopping by, I'll be back again soon

Crafty hugs to you !

Linda xoxo


Mary Dawn said...

thank you, i love just get me, and that's such a relief sometimes...all the time...what a way to wake up, my darling darling friend...thank you

Lynnda said...

Gorgeous card!!! There you go ... she loves it!!!hugs...xoxo

Leslie Hanna said...

What a LOVERLY post for our dear MD, but I'm a bit disappointed that closeup wasn't of MD, like her eye or something. Just sayin'.