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Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Happy Birthday Steph!!!


Just a quick post because I just stabbed myself (accidentally) in the finger with my super sharp scissors and its difficult to type lol.

I'm here to show you the card I made for my sweet friend and ABNH DT member, Steph! It's her B'day, and we thought we'd get together to make cards for her to wish her well.

steph b bday card
Steph--you are THE sweetest and I love you to pieces. I'm so glad we've become friends, you brighten my day immesurably.

I hope you have a wonderful birthday, and that we are friends for many more birthdays to come.

Now, if you'd like to, please head on over to A Blog Named Hero, to see the rest of the cards!

See you soon!

Linda xx


lauren bergold said...

holy ♥WOW♥ what a gorgeous card!!! not only am i impressed by its sheer loveliness, i'm desperately trying to figure out how you've done it? my best guess is stamping permanently and then using spray mists pretty carefully in as small a burst as possible? but however it was, again i say ♥WOW♥!!!

onecraftymama said...

Well I would hope the stabbing was an accident!? Hope it's better quickly!
Love the fun bright colours in your card - absolutely fun & bright!

Cris said...

Wow Linda! Your card is stunning! What a great technique and I love how it turned out! Gorgeous!

Melissa Shea said...

Gorgeous! Love all that color!

Stephanie @ A StephMade Life said...

Thank you so much, Linda! I feel so special to have a post all about me! :) I am so lucky to have such a talented and sweet friend. This card is absolutely gorgeous! I love the bright sprays of color and I don't think I've ever seen those flowers before, I love them!! <3