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Sunday, 7 October 2012

Scrap Bundle cards 5, 6, & 7!!


I'm back with the last of my recent Scrap Bundle cards. I was going to spread them out and show them to you one at a time, but I'm feeling generous, so I thought I'd give you all THREE of them at once :) For cards 3&4 go HERE, cards 1&2 go HERE.

so sorry_embossed toilet lady

I nearly NEARLY made this card with the potty-lady's head on the 'ground' in the card (like it had fallen off) but I wasn't sure it would 'translate'  I really love the simplicity. Sometimes the best 'sorry' is the simplest one :)

washi_notecard you are so special

Sometimes I'm SO stupid when I make a card. I get an idea...then I overthink it. Till the idea basically shrivels up and dies. Then days later, I'll come back, fight with the papers some more, roll my eyes a bit, call the papers (and myself) some names...and I'll walk away again. THEN I'll come back a third time, say 'oh for goodness sake" (or a much less polite version of that sentiment) and make the card I originally had the idea for. And the card turns out great. Like I said, me not so smart.

The washi tape went on, then came off...then went back on again.

And apparently I was drunk when I 'drew' the faux stitching lines around the edge...or at least I hope I was drunk because seriously, look how crooked they are! (actually, no don't look)...

Keep calm and SPOOK on

This is quite possibly the weirdest card I've ever made (design-wise) but I love it. The random strips, the splattery background, the googly eyes. the sentiment?! Makes me laugh out loud. I think I might make "spook on" a phrase I use a lot HAH!


Tha's it for today.  Back real soon :)

Hope you'll give heaplets and scraplets and Scrap Bundles a go :) The cards come out really fast and easily (if you don't overthink it :))

Linda x


onecraftymama said...

I'm giggling...I looked at your stitches. Whimsical, not drunk ;) It was on purpose, see. lol.
And I LOVE that keep calm & spook on! The googly eyes in the sentiment are too cute :)

Penny L. said...

wow, you're very creative! that final card...that shows your ability to "think outside of the box"!

Carol L said...

They're all great cards! The first would have been hysterical with the head on the ground! LOL Love the washi tape on #2 and those splatters of color are awesome on the last card! Spook on - love that :)

Anonymous said...

Hahaha you are way too funny hun!! Love each of these beautiful cards :)

Leslie Hanna said...

OMGosh, I love this post. You sound like me! (I might have been drunk.) HAHAHAHAHA!

Love the "spook" in the last one. :D