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Wednesday, 23 March 2011

update with MANY photos :)

oooooooooook seriously, where did the last few weeks go?! every time I trun around another 10 days has passed!!!

Here's the Project Life version of what I did (Photos and a blurb-length bit of writing for those of you who don't get the reference):

I discovered that Charlotte loves pasta as much as I do (and Isabella does)--here's proof:
 I cut at least 3 inches off my hair (yes, myself);
 Please feel free to NOT notice the marks on the mirror in our bathroom--apparently when spitting toothpaste out/rinsing whilst brushing her teeth and actually making it land IN the sink (or basin if you use "USA-speak" lol), is-it would seem--too hard for Izzie.

Here's the resulting hair

I got a Mars Bar bouquet from Matt for our 5th wedding anniversary (lol)

I waited alone for Charlotte to come out of her final surgery (it's HARD to wait by your self.) Matt had to work this time, so he was stressed to the max whilst having to deal with customers.

I wrote a short fanfic story. If you don't like Twilight (which I do, but I realise many of you might not), you won't like fanfic and if you don't know what fanfic is, then you're missing out--unless you're one of the one's who doesn't like Twilight lol), but I'm very proud of it and I've gotten some lovely reviews. I'll have to write another soon.  If anyone would like to read it it's HERE...but it's not for children to read (adult content).
I'd like to preface by saying this: If you don't like Twilight/adult fiction please don't read this and then come back to me with negative comments!!!  It's not going to be everyone's cup of tea, but again, you're welcome to write it, but please please please don't go crazy at me if you don't like it...honestly, I don't want to hear it lol

I made a few things here and there:

A friend needed a bay shower card so I made these two. Not sure if I've shared this first little guy with you.
Embossed vellum with swiss dots folder, elephant stamp by Whiff of Joy, Copics for colouring, a circle die and some Antique Linen Distress Ink around the edges of Mr Elephant :)

 here's the inside (super simple--just some embossing)

 Here was the alternate:
Again, Whiff of Joy stamp (*sigh*, so pretty isn't it?!) copics for colouring, distress inks for the edge, I canNOT remember the name of the floral paper in the's a Kaisercraft one I think...I got it ages ago at a craft fair.
May I just say, I'm VERY happy with the mama's hair. It looks really pretty in real life.

I loved Shari Carroll's canvas she showed HERE, so I made my own version:

I embossed the "sentiment" with red embossing powder, the stamp is Ali Edwards' for Technique Tuesday. love. 

Button heart, directly inspired by Miss Shari :)
I really like the dimension the vellum gives. They're punched using a Martha Stewart punch, stamped on with white chalk ink, then sewn on.

The spraying was made with Mr Huey's sprays and a couple of Glimmer Mists.


And of course, Japan... What can I say about the disaster in Japan that hasn't been said? My heart literally aches every time I see the news (which I never watch but I can't stop checking now since this happened). I've cried and cried to see those people left with nothing--less than nothing in some cases. I've cried to see 4 month old babies pulled from the rubble, I've cried to see people reunited with loved ones. As I'm sure so many of you have too.

The Japanese gave me a home when I was young and hadn't even realised who I really was yet, when I lived there. They taught me so much (not just the language), I made friends that I still miss every day-even those I've lost touch with over the past 10 years. I miss Japan every moment and the fact that this happened to such quiet, stoic, hardworking people is just beyond my ability to comprehend.

If I didn't have children, I can safely say without doubt that I would be there right now doing whatever I could to help, but I do have little ones, so I can't go. But my heart is with them all. With those who were affected personally by the Tsunami and Jisshin (earthquake) and those who live far away and have to go to work as if nothing has happened. 

I wish we could all do more to help.

Ok, well that's it from me, I'm off to live some more of my life!! (i.e. pay bills, play with my kids, have a heart-attack at the electricity bill etc etc lol)

talk to you soon lovelies!!

Linda xx

Saturday, 12 March 2011

--->>insert witty title here<<--

what. the . heck?! WHERE did the last few weeks go?!!??!

So here is what's been happening for me :)

  • Charlotte had her final procedure (With any luck) which is wonderful, but she has bad reactions to the antibiotics they put her on afterwards *sigh* poor little love
  • I got smashed on the head with a wooden toy which hurt like HIZZELLLL and I have an egg on my forehead and a scab. nice
  • We've found a house and had our offer on it accepted YIPPEE!!! Now to hope all the bank deets and timing and jobs etc etc fall into place :)
  • Autumn is finally here and the weather has been MUCH more liveable and easy to deal with.
  • I decided to cancel my Studio Calico subscription. I love love love  their kits, but I'm sick of all the kits being sold out so quickly. As a member, you get to buyt the kits 12 hours before the 'public reveal', but for the past 3 months (since I became a member), they've been sold out of all the kits barring maybe 1 other within--wait for it--THIRTY MINUTES of the presale opening. I literally woke up at 2am to try to get online quickly enought to buy a couple of the kits and they were all gone. not. good. enough.  So, despite loving the papers, stamps and kits, I'm going to wait to become a member again until they have their acts in gear. Sorry if you're a fan but I just don't think it's good enough to not have enough kits to at least supply your members (let alone any people who aren't members but want to buy them.
  • I'm still going along with my One Little Word, but not finding ANYWHERE near the time I'd like to focus on the actual album etc but I'm focussing on my word of peace.  It's helping me to stay calm in stressful or frustrating times, I just take a deep breathe and think to myself "Find your peace" and it really does make a difference. If you don't know anything about OLW but would like to , check out Ali Edward's blog. she's amazing.
  • I'm also doing the Project Life...I'm not going to say anything more than amazing and so so easy
Here's a cute pic of a little someone I love dearly, helping me with the shopping list:

I've made a few bits and pieces lately so I'll share those next time :)

Talk to you soon lovelies!!

L xx

Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Valentine's cards (part II)

Hi there!!

Here is a follow up couple of cards I made for Valentine's day MONTHS ago but we've been having computer issues and I haven't been able to see my photos properly (like when you open up your 'photos' file and you normally get the little icon/thumbnail size picture? Yeah, we haven't had that for weeks so I've been going through DOZENS AND DOZENS of photos...I only just found these, I hadn't filed them properly yet!

Anyhoo, here are my two little love cards

 Super Duper Simple--I was channelling Joy Taylor lol! ALL Hero Arts. Soft Shadow Inks, Ribbon, Blush notecard & pearls, stamp too :)  To create the 'line' border, I just used my scoring board and did lines the entire length and width of the card, half an inch in from the edge, then another 1/8 of an inch in from that.

I love the effect.
This was just a bit of playing around for me, a few different sets, a few different styles. I really just wanted a chance to play with my new Chalks`.

I really like the hearts and the sky that the chalks created.  The little hearts were done by stamping the hearts with embossing ink and then rubbing the chalks over the top--immediate resist!

The bird is coloured with copics and distress stickles, I wanted him to be super sparkly and special lol (and a little bit silly :))

Anyhoo, neither card is particularly "my style" but they are all I managed to get done in time! 

Talk to you soon sweeties!!


Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Valentine's cards..(i know I'm late)

Wow, where did the last week go?!

I know I'm several weeks late, but with Charlotte's surgery etc  I never got around to showing you these gorgeous cards by Ayana! I'm sure you're all well aware of Ayana and her gorgeous creations, I've long been a fan of her work.  These cards were made for the store blog, but of course, now that that's not running, I thought I'd show them here! They're too beautiful to lose into the bloggy abyss lol!

Here they are!

 I've had this stamp forEVER and never known what to do with it, this is such a lovely way to utilise it!
So, so, so so pretty. I love the colours, the layers, the damask tone on tone, the scalloped border, the string. EVERYTHING!!

Hope you enjoyed these as much as I did!

A huge thanks to Ayana for making them. Now, make sure you all head over to her blog!!

talk to you soon

Linda xx

I wish Ayana was my valentine lol, I want a card from her!