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Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Pattern Play Day 1 card THREE!!

I'm baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack.

Are you sick of me yet?! Well too bad! HAH! there are another eighty five cards to go. Not really, just a few more...or more than a few :)

 OK here 'tis:

GAH I love these papers. At first I nearly had a heart attack looking at them, they're SO beautiful and colourful. Then after I calmed down, I got down to business.

I heart this card. So clean, SO simple. and so effective.

Hope you like it as much as I do!

Back again in just a minute with card number FOUR


Linda xoxoxo


Leslie Hanna said...

HAHAHA! LOVE! Yeah, I wish the linky thing would let us link multiple cards from the same post.

Lynne said...

Leslie - I am really drawn to your cards. I love the composition and clean and simple style. This is another stunner.

Anonymous said...

Love the card, as you said simple and very effective.

Wendy G. said...

Hi again, Linda. Drop dead gorgeous card!

Stephanie said...

Your card really highlights the use of the pattern paper combo and your inking helps finish the pieces so nicely.

sherercrew said...

Love the clean and simple design of this card!

Corysnana1 said...

Great card! You are right - these patterns are bright and bold, but so perfectly used in this card's design.

Lynne said...

Hi Linda - I linked up the card I made in the Day 1 gallery. I used your design, but just changed it up a little. I like yours better.

Lynne Zickert