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Friday, 29 July 2011


Oh my sweet goodness me I'm so excited!

I just sat down to my little crafting table, powered up my laptop and was checking out my Google Reader list and there was the Lawnscaping Challenge blog update, with the winner of the most recent challenge (to Stamp a Scene)...remember the card I made for it?

This little baby.


 I won!!! 

*this is me right now*

I'm so so so so so so honoured and excited! When I saw all the other entries I thought 'Oh my goodness what am I even doing putting my card in with these fantastic creations?!' But as those of you who have been reading my blog for a while, you know I decided to just put my everything into this blog and my crafting, to 'roll with it' and enter every challenge I could--how wonderfully uplifting to have won after such a low time in my crafty self-esteem!! Wow. 

So now I get to display this badge VERY proudly on my blog--->>

I'm so so excited. (can you tell?! lol)

And you know what?! This just made me smile SO big, after a really rough mummy day (sick baby, being spewed on at 4:30 in the morning *nice*, being awake from 4am *erg*, cranky baby, mummy, daddy and just an overall poop of a day.) so how how wonderful.

I'm going to sit and grin ear to ear for a bit, hugging my card :) lol and try to think of how I can pay my happiness forward :)

Lastly I just want to say a thank you to those of you who have welcomed me back after my (short-lived) hiatus from my blog and to Virginia Lu, who (despite the fact that I've been a terrible blogger-friend and not commented on her gorgeous cards in a while-- ironic isn't it?!) always inspires me so much. She enters just about every challenge/inspiration challenge etc there is in this card making community and always puts so much sunshine in her blog, I read it ravenously every time I see her update. Virginia--without you, I wouldn't have entered this competition, let alone won it! Thank you for all your inspiration :)

Talk to you soon sweet people!

"Queen" Linda (lol, couldn't help myself)


Joy said...

Big congrats girlie, I actually tweeted about it, such a fun card, love it! So happy for you!

Ioanna Maria said...

Congratulations Linda! Very lovely and cute card!!!! Wish you may win many more challenges in the future!

Isha said...

Congratulations Linda!!!Lovely card a well deserved win.

Heather I. said...

You totally deserved it - I LOVE this card - you did a fabulous job!!! Sorry for the poop of a day though ;). Those days really suck, I know. Hope today's a good one!