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Saturday, 24 December 2011

Mini album for my mother in law

Hello!  Merry Christmas Eve! :)

I was chatting with my friends Chari & Laurel on twitter the other day about the Amy Tangerine Daybooks *adorable* and I was saying how easy it is to make your own mini book, so I did! 

Firstly there are a few step by step photos (it's super simple) and then a quick video for you to see inside it--I haev to apologise for the video, it was my second go at it (trying to keep it short) and I was a bit rambly as it was quite late when I filmed it :) So please ignore the weirdness in my voice and the slight rambliy-ness... 

Here are the photos of putting the actual body of the book together:

First of all just choose your papers--I'm using an old Studio Calico Kit "Into the Woods"--and cut them down to the size you want (I like slightly different sized pages throughout my minis). Score them as you wish (not all of mine were scored in the centre.)

Step 1: gather papers

Get all your papers lined up how you want them. You can see here I have some offset from centre (it gives some interest without adding bulk--it's unexpected :) which is always a good thing!

Step 2: cut and score papers.

Using Bulldog clips (or heavy paperclips), hold all your papers in place, but be sure to keep them folded a bit or the binding will be off (THIS IS IMPORTANT!!)

Step 3: hold papers together

**If you want to machine stitch (which I would reccommend as it's SUPER easy and fast, you wont need to keep your papers folded, you can flatten them out and just stitch up the scoreline. You would also NOT want to use more than maybe 5-6 layers in total as it kills your machine/needle (unless you have an industiral strength one!)**

For 'hand-stitched  binding, do the following:
Using an Awl (a pokey tool) or a paper piercer, carefully poke holes through your scored crease. Be sure to poke right in the centre of the scoreline (not above or below) as it will affect the way the book sits/closes.

Step 4a:

NOT like this: 

Step 4b

Thread a large embroidery sized needle with twine/thread/ribbon and basically, sew the book together. (I started on the outside because I wanted the little knots on the end of the twine to show, i like how they look) I just used a simple straight stitch (in one hole, out the other)  but you could use a blanket stitch or anything you like if you have the time/ability--i have to learn how to do a blanket stitch before I can do that!)

Step 5: Hand stitch the binding

Once finished, put some heavy paperclips on all sides of your book (or just put something heavy on top of it) to really help it to stay creased and 'closed'.  It will still pop open a little because the seam is so small, but this helps.

Step 6: use weight/clips to hold book together

That's it!! The next step is to embellish :) I just stuck wtih what was in my SC kit and added one or two extra things I had lying around. Made is much quicker.

Here is the video showing you the inside: 

OK Well I hear my 2 year old is awake so I'd better go get her!

Hope you like :)

Thanks so much for stopping by and I'll see you again soon




Chari Moss said...

This is great!!!! I will certainly have to give it a try! :) Thanks for showing me how to do it, your little album is great! Your girls are just adorable.

Unknown said...

So nice project! :)