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Saturday, 10 December 2011

December Daily days 3-7


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I'm sorry it's taken me so long but I've had a bit of a *week* if you know what I mean. Every time I tried to take photos of my December Daily the light had disappeared, or the kids would wake up from their naps or life would just generally intervene.

I'm not being so strict on myself this year. If i miss a day, I'm just going to be leaving it out till the end, and I'll go back in with a story from my childhood or something similar. I have a little list sitting on my desk that I made up with ideas for things to put in my album on days that we don't really do anything noteworthy (or i forget to take photos *ahem likeIdidyesterday ahem* It really takes away that moment of shrieking inner panic WHAT AM I GOING TO PUT IN MY DECEMBER DAILY I'LL BE A DAY BEHIND!!! That I tend to have happen. Yes I'm a bit of a type-A personality lol

Anyway, here are the pics. I'll try to keep my 'commentating' on the photos to a minimum as I think they're pretty self explanatory--but you know me, I'm a wordy kinda girl lol.

Dec 3 spread:

Dec 3rd spread

I've always wanted to have a 'real' white Christmas and preferably one in Europe somewhere so I went google hunting and found this gorgeous image of Paris at Christmastime, so I added my AE template around the edge and some text in the corner. 

Dec 3 I'm Dreaming _Paris

Right hand page is a Hambly overlay with some Ormolu and Bananafish Studio tags

Dec 3 close_up

"second" right hand page is a collage of photos I snapped with my iPhone and used the Diptick and Instagram applications to create this look (if you'd like a tutorial, please let me know. it's SO easy to do and a great way to get several photos on one page). I added some hand written journaling and Echo Park paper underneath.

Dec 3rd Photo collage

Day 4 spread:

Dec 4th Spread

Again, Diptick for the collage template and photos from my iphone. I added the AE sentiment onto the page in Photoshop, coloured it purple to match the colours in the photos.

Dec 4 closeup

Right hand page is mostly handwritten journalling about our trip to the local shops (shopping mall) which was (as the thickers say--CRAZY)

Day 5 Spread:

Dec 5 spread

A photo I took of a beautiful piece of land near our house. I'm finding this kind of view is really 'calling me' lately. I think a move to the country is where we're headed in a few years (sooner if I have anything to do with it!) I added journaling to explain the photo in PSE. I love this technique. I'll be doing it again.

Dec 5 closeup LH photo

Inside the envelope there will be a letter to my hubs Matt. He's such a sweetheart and I want to make sure its on paper (so he can't say i never tell him lol).

Dec 5th was a really gorgeous warm sunny day for us so we headed out into the garden to do some tidying and playing. Charlotte (the littlest) went off for a wander and when I found her around the corner, she sat down on this paving stone that's holding our gate open and covered her ears. LOL this is her standard "I don't want to come when you call me Mummy" pose. It literally makes me laugh out loud. What a goose!

Dec 5th Closeup RH

Hand typed the journaling in in PSE and altered the colour of the template to green to match all that grass in the photos.

Day 6 spread:

December 6th spread

A poinsettia we bought at the local nursery/hardware store (LOVE Poinsettia) and I just added some AE elements to it and a strip of Tim Holtz tissue tape.

right hand page: another collage using Diptick app on the iPhone of Izzie and Matt planting the herbs we bought. (The colour looks very red because we have a big sunshade up in the back yard so the colouring in real life is actually quite tinted. I didn't forget to edit the photo--promise! lol)
I handwrote the journaling (and Charlotte added some thoughts of her own lol) 

*spacer* spread

This next spread is just a 'breather' kind of thing. I'm not going to add too much to it, I want a page where the 'reader' doesn't have to read or really look at anything. A bit of a rest for the eyes as the other pages are all so full. Just a tag I cut using my paper trimmer then diecut the number out with a PTI die. Then I added some twine, washi tape and an office tag.

Day 7 spread

Dec 7th spread

This isn't finished yet but I'm going to leave it for a few days till I think of what I want to do with it.

The first part is just the words to Silent Night printed out on vellum (I also stamped an AE stamp up the top with the words from Silent Night in white Staz on)

Dec 7 spread #2

Behind it is a handwritten journaling page that I want to add a photo of my dad to (because he's who the journaling is about) but I have to find a good photo to add. I'll definitely embellish it a bit, but like I said, I'm just leaving it till I know exactly what I want to do.

well that's it! Hope you're still with me!

I'll be back VERY soon with something special :)

Thanks so much for taking time out of your day to look in on my work :)


Linda xx


Libby Hickson said...

Really love what you've done with this so far, just gorgeous. Adore that photo of Paris, so pretty!

rcwidow (Linda) said...

love your book! The paris photo is fab and the whole book is beautiful. thanks for sharing.

elizabeth said...

Oh my!!! I can not believe that is Charolette!!!! Where has the time gone???? I've been looking in the baby stuff for surprises and I should have been looking in the toddler stuff!

I so love reading your journal:) I miss you! You alternate universe friend needs a laptop talk!

Erika said...

Every time I take a peek at your December Daily I'm just stunned. It is really exactly what I'd like mine to look like. Simply gorgeous!!!

Laura said...

Linda this is stunning! Your girls will love looking back on this when they are older. x