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Tuesday, 20 December 2011

December Daily days 8-17


I'm going to cut straight to the chase today--lots of December Daily photos to share, so let's get to it!

December 8-11 went by really fast and busily, but nothing seemed noteworthy or very christmassy (apart from doing Christmas cards) so I decided to make a collage of the several days compiled into one page.


The photo on the left I shared with you last time, it's a photo of the drive to my hubby's work (and is quite close to our home). I'm finding this landscape is really calling to me lately. I want to live with this kind of view outside every window in my home (except the road lol)

4 day collage

Day 12 

December 12

So you can see the insert page 

Day 12 insert

This page's journalling is all about my memories as a child swimming the WHOLE day on Christmas day.

December 12 closeup_journalling

I wanted the stamped word at the bottom of the page reflect what was written, so I coloured it in with three blue copic markers, in gradually darkening shades, to replicate the look of a pool (given that I was talking about swimming in a pool).  I'm SO happy with how this turned out :)


I felt the full page of handwritten journalling was a bit bare, so I added some Lawn Fawn cloud stamps using Jenny Bowlin ink. I think it's the perfect finishing touch as all my memories of Christmas are of blue skies. 

day 12 _more stamping

As I'm sure all of you remember, December 13th was Joy Taylor's birthday, so I decided to include that in my December Daily (given that I started organising the blog hop in about October I felt it deserved a page LOL!)

I did a collage using Ali Edwards templates, of all the cards that the wonderful ladies who hopped along with me, made for Joy.

Dec 13th

I used an AE long Journaller, added a text box then basically cut and paste the writing I'd had here on my blog as the first stop of the Blog Hop (which introduced it, explained what was happening etc) I think it's so perfect. I'll be doing this again. I love how it's half size in comparison to the other pages and you can see the other cards peeking out from behind it. :)

Long Journaller Dec 13th

Some stamping to finish off the page :)

Dec 13th right hand page

this next page is currently a 'free page'.  I'll be adding journalling to the little 'Memories'  tag, as the month progresses, but as it's about favourites, I wanted to wait till close to the end so I can think back and choose my faves. The page on the left (where you can see the copic marker's bled through) doesn't bother me at. all.  I may cover it over, i may not. I think it gives a much needed rest to the eyes!

Free page

This next page might seem a bit strange to some, but it's important to me that I put it in.  I never. NEVER IN A MILLION YEARS thought I would get into Twitter. I totally didn't see the point, thought it was ridiculous. Now....I love it. And I've made some really gorgeous friends on there (you girls know who you are :)) so I wanted to capture that. it's such an important part of my day now, chatting with these girls throughout the day, that I wanted it in my album.
Day 15

I just used the Diptick and Instagram applications on my iPhone and then took a few screen shots of some recent convos we'd had in the past few weeks. I love this page.

the journalling reads:
"Sometimes we talk about (not) ironing, sometimes we talk about stamps and pretty paper. Sometimes we talk movies, sometimes we joke and sometimes we're serious. But for me, these girls I talk to on TWITTER, they're my real friends. And I'm so thankful for them."

I am. I really am so thankful :) They make being a stay at home mum a little bit less stir-crazy inducing. They get me. They speak like adults (not like a 2 and 4 year old :) and help me keep my sanity!) I treasure them!

Dec 16th

Dec 16th

Another collage. We went into the city to see the Christmas display all the big department stores put up (which, incidentally were a BUST), but we had a really nice day. The collage is just some of my favourite shots.

Right hand page:

Dec 16th closeup

showing a street performer who was being a Santa Rock Statue. he was so amazing to look at.

December 17th was when I helped out Mary Dawn with my Bauble wreath tutorial. I thought it was fitting (the spirit of Christmas IS all about goodwill towards others right?!)

Dec 17th

PHEW!!!  That's it!

I'll be back soon with more photos and pages :)

Hope you liked!!

Speak to you soon


Linda xx


Joy said...

Love how your DD is coming along...thank you for including me, you have made my day and brought a smile to my face...hugs

Chari Moss said...

These pages are awesome! I think it is great that you included your online/twitter life. You are so sweet, and I feel so special being part of your December Daily. By the way, I'm thankful for you too! :) Hugs!

Anonymous said...

Wow all of your pages are awesome! Your DD looks beautiful! :)

Latrice said...

Love it!!! How fun to see my card there. Awesome job.