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Saturday, 17 December 2011

Guest post for My Pink Mexico

Hi everyone!

A good friend of mine Mary Dawn has been hosting a 12 15 days of Christmas crafts over on her fabulous blog.

Unfortunately, a medical issue has arisen and put her in a bit of a bind, so she's asked me to help out! Of course I jumped at the chance!

Now there has been a Christmas craft I've been meaning to do for AGES but just never gotten around to, so this was my chance.

A bauble door wreath.

Each year I like to make a different wreath and this year is no different!

Here are photos to show you how I did it (it's SUPER simple!)

Door bauble Wreath

Step 1: Remove the cap from  your bauble (if you can)

Step 1

Step 2: Use hot-glue gun to add glue to the 'neck' of the bauble

Step 2

Step 3: Replace the cap (the hot glue will ensure the bauble will stay on when strung up :))

Step 3

Step 4: String your baubles along your wire/tie

Normally you would use a wire coat hanger, untwist it and form it into a circle shape, however I couldn't find any wire coat hangers ANYWHERE lately!! So I had to be inventive :)
I found some cable ties that I thought would do the trick as they're stiff enough to hold the circular shape.

Step 4

Step 4_b: 

Step 4_b

Step 5: Keep going! 

Step 5

Step 6

Look at all that glitter and gleam :)

Step 7: Twist your coat hanger back together at the ends/seal your cable tie

Cut off excess tie 'tail' if there is any.

Step 7

Step 8: I added some thick satin ribbon to give a 'tail' look, but a big bow up the top would look sweet too. You could string it up using fishing wire (or similar) but I just used my ribbon for this photo.

Door bauble Wreath

That's it!! Super easy and effective. I'll definitely be making another of these with larger baubles.

One note though: you'll need a LOT of baubles. This wreath is small (only about 9 inches in diameter and used around 50 smaller baubles.

Another fun option if you were using a cable tie/thick string like I did, would be just to make a long string of baubles to hang from your ceiling. (Like a banner)

I hope you enjoyed!!

If you have any questions or comments, let me know!

Speak to you all soon thanks so much for stopping by!


Linda xx


Mary Dawn said...

you are definitely a keeper, my friend <3 i can't thank you enough...this wreath is stunning! are those the shatterproof/plastic ornaments? because i need to make one of those

Leslie Hanna said...

I love this idea, and I don't even celebrate Christmas! :) Thanks for covering for MD, too. :):):)

Chari Moss said...

I just bought a new wreath this year! Darn! But I'm sure I can find a reason to make one of these...maybe I can go buy some ornaments after Christmas when they are on sale and make one for next year. :)