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Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Shimelle's Online Scrapbooking Weekend--Splendour In the Grass

Hi again!

So I decided after my first layout (that I showed you all yesterday here) that I was going to add an extra challenge for myself, I'm going to ATTEMPT to use only song or movie titles for the titles of my layouts... I read somewhere a while back that there's a lady who scraps ONLY the song that's stuck in her head (that's the title she uses and the theme of the layout I mean). I love that idea but I would mostly have to scrap songs from children's shows lol. I'm not sure how many layouts I could create based on the Banana's in Pyjamas or Sesame Street songs haha!

So yes, that's my extra challenge for myself. Oh, and I'm using kraft paper on every layout too. (Preferably on the background).

Here is challenge #2 for Shimelle's Online Scrapbooking Weekend: 3 is the magic number.

This is what Shimelle wrote to explain the 'requirements' : 
Here’s your challenge: Create a project (layout, card, etc) that includes a group of three in the embellishment. It can be three kinds of flowers like I used, but that’s not a requirement – you could use three squares, three butterflies, three things that are red, three apples, three hedgehogs… whatever group of three takes your fancy!

and so without further ado, I give you my little version:
Don't worry, this layout isn't as depressing as the movie (not that I've seen it yet, always meant to). I just had the song Strangers in the Night (from South Pacific) in my head, but the words changed to Splendour in the Grass (again, in my head) lol, so I went with it. For a few hours I was convinced they were the real words haha.

Here is my group of 3. I just used the Tim Holtz Rosette for this, but cut one of the strips thinner than the others after I'd run it through the Big Shot (so it made a smaller rosette).
 I thought I'd give a go at "doing a Shimelle" and ran a little paint around the edges...I just wish I had a gorgeous little teacup to do my paint-mixing in. *note to self: must buy teacup*

It ended up more faded than I expected, but still good. I added a few 'flicks' too.

I'll let you in on a small secret: I loathed that woodgrain paper when I first saw it and thought 'what the heck am I going to use that for?!' but I like it on this layout. It suits. I kinda wish I had more so I could do a layout about when I was a kid (and that woodgrain linoleum-cupboard covering was in fashion. Gosh it was ugly!)

anyway, hope you like it!

Leave me some comment love and a fairy will grant you 3 wishes!! (One for each rosette of course) lol

Take care and I'll be back soon with layout #3.

Linda xxxoxo

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