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Monday, 15 August 2011

Shimelle's Online Scrapbooking Weekend 'You've Got a Friend'

One of the challenges for Shimelle's weekend is to 'go retro' and scrap a photo that's old (or at least, not new), so I went digging through my parent's study cupboards to find old photos. I found plenty of big hair and crooked teeth (all fixed now thanks to Dr whatsisname at the orthodontists office!), bad BAD clothes and funny memories (best left in the cupboard I think!) but then I found some photos from my wedding.

anyway, one of the photos was of my girlfriend Sue and her (now) husband Matt. Their wedding was the day after ours. Yes, you read that right.  We had both already booked things and planned people etc, and we're good enough friends that it was never a question of missing either wedding, so I got married on Saturday, Sue got married on Sunday. That's friendship huh?!

So anyway, here's my layout:

The journalling reads: "When Sue told me her wedding was going to be the day after ours, there was no hesitation, we just said "oh well, looks like we've got a busy weekend that weekend!" So she & Matt came to our wedding the night before theirs and we went to theirs the day after ours.
A lot of people were/are shocked when I tell them, but to us it was simple.
We might not see each other much any more but I know I'll always have a friend in her"
All pretty self-explanatory I think!

I hope you like it:)

please let me know if there are any questions! I'd love to hear your comments too.

Talk to you soon

Linda xx

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