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Thursday, 30 September 2010


Hi lovelies--

no card or anything today, because...


how cute is that cat?!

I just got back from a HUGE morning with the girls. Why does going shopping for TWO things at TWO different shops always seem like you've dragged you and 58 other people around the ENTIRE perimeter of Australia?! I'm sure we didn't really do that much!! My poor mum is on school holidays and offered to come with us--I don't think she'll do that again! lol Thanks for your help mum xx

Yesterday?! That was worse... *yawn*

PLUS I've offered to do 'We have moved" cards for my best friend--WHAT'S WRONG WITH ME?!?!!? I must be masochistic I tell you...

I'm enjoying the creative process but gah-I never make simple cards do I?!

Anyway, I gotta write a blog entry for some SUPER gorgeous Spellbinders in!!! *claps with glee*

Next post I'll have a photo of my FIRST Wedding card and my first Engagement card--I'm pretty happy with both!

Talk to you soon dears!

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