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Thursday, 30 September 2010

Spellbinders Shapes Spectacular!!

Hello to you all on this strangely cold Spring day here in Perth!!

I've heard that Fall has really 'fallen' (pardon the pun!) in the U.S and everyone is starting to feel the change in temperature, pull blankets out of closets and bring their jackets with them when they go outside. LOVELY!!
Today I'm SOOOOO Super-excited (Yes, Super with a capital S) to be sharing some of the new Spellbinders Shapes dies that we have in store--goodness me they're enough to make my head spin with possibilities!!  Please be sure to sit down when you read this...and let someone else in the house know what you're doing--preferably to listen out for a *thud* when you fall over from how pretty these are *heehee*

Spellbinders Beaded Circles

Gah!!  That's all I can say...GAH! So pretty. SO many options!!! (I should point out that I stopped typing to clap a little bit in excitement! *wink*)

Spellbinders Lacey Squares Nestabilities
Spellbinders Classic Diamonds
HELLO?!?!?! Are you still sitting upright?! How gorgeous are these! They're sooo simple but so elegant!  I'm really excited to play with these two, I think they might be my favorites...

Spellbinders Labels 14 Nestabilities
What's another word for "Gah"?!?! How about *sigh*.  Yup...*Sigh* works :)  I love love LOOOVE this one! It looks like pink clouds to me--and that's a double bonus, because I love clouds and I'm most definitely a pink girl.  I think I want to do this one with elephants on a card...I'm not sure why elephants?? But cute elephants and pink clouds is what immediately pops into my mind when I look at these--is that weird?! lol
These as labels, or even as pages in a pretty mini-album?! Yes please!!

Spellbinders Beaded Circles

Doilies, frames for photos, unusual journalling tags--the possibilities are endless with this one...and how about;

Spellbinders Crowned Circles

These make me think of suns for layouts about summertime, or frames for photos--imagine putting a gem or some bling in each little edging point?  These are even great for a masculine project. 

Spellbinders Labels 17

Confession time: I have an UNHEALTHY addiction to labels.  I can't get enough of them.  I want to use them on layouts (cut in half and put on either side of photos or as journalling tags), on cards for a frame around a nice Copic-colored image...nice nice nice nice. What do you use them for? *smiles*

Spellbinders Beaded Ovals Nestabilities

Mirror Mirror on the wall...these are gorgeous aren't they?! (You are nodding aren't you?!) Just perfect for so many things.  A photo, on a card front, an unusually shaped journalling tag, softly inked as a background...many many options.

Then there are these funky little numbers;
Spellbinders Wonky Squares
I don't even know what to say besides FUN.

Are you still with me?! Don't worry, that's all for today.  The bruising from falling off your chair with all of these will hopefully subside quickly *heehee*
Well folks, that's all for today--thanks so much for stopping by and I'll be back again in a day or two with some fun Copic coloring!!

Take care till then--

Linda x

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Virginia L. said...

This post seriously has me drooling....Want them ALL!