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Friday, 10 September 2010

Falling for Spellbinders Halloween.

Hello and thanks for joining me again Dear Friends!!

NB: This post was originally for Halloween sales at the store, however, I thought a few of you might still like to see the info about the products.
Happy Fall to you all!!  Here in Australia, Fall (or Autumn as we call it) really isn't that much of an event.  Our leaves don't turn golden and burnt umber in color, we don't really have a 'turning of the leaves'  as such.  Our school year starts in January so we don't celebrate that either. In fact, September is a bit of a quiet month for us--even though it's the beginning of Spring here, it creeps in quietly rather than launches with vibrant colours and birds a-tweetin'. 

HOWEVER!! I've discovered the remedy to this sad state of affairs--it's the new gorgeous line of Spellbinders dies.  In order to really make my September fantastically Fall-like, some of the following are definitely going to have to come home with me :)
I'm so excited by these: 
Spellbinders Assorted Leaves Cut and Emboss Dies
I mean--hello?! GORGEOUS!!! Can you get more Fall than these?? Maybe you can. How about...
Spellbinders Shapeabilities Nested Dies Maple Leaves
*sigh* Maple leaves. I love Maple leaves. So many options with this set of leafy loveliness.  I want to cut hundreds of these out, make a pile of them on the ground and jump on top *giggle*.

Now, I'll share a secret with you all--when I first saw these next two dies, I fell totally in love.
Spellbinders Shapeabilities Assorted Fresh Fruit
Spellbinders Shapeabilities Apples

They are so cute and fresh and pretty...BUT...I said to myself..."What does it have to do with Fall?!"  Linda from a2z quickly explained to me the tradition of Cornicopia at Thanksgiving.  Sounds wonderful--I might have to introduce it into my home!  You know what else I love about them?! They're so versatile! Those apples would be super-cute on a card or note to a teacher, or even on a set of ABC cards for your kids! A is for apple...B is get my drift. *wink!*

I have a question for you all--WHOO loves Halloween?! We do!!! (Sorry, I couldn't resist!)

Spellbinders Shapeabilities Owls
My goodness if these owls got any cuter, it would just about be criminal.  I love that they look like a little family.  It took me many viewings of these owls to be able to think of singular uses for them. I just kept imagining them lined up on a tree branch all sleeping together in a little row, looking wise and all-knowing-even with their eyes shut *smile*.  Now that I can tear myself away from the image of a little paper-owl family and consider them individually, the options are almost endless!  They could be spooky and haunting in a dark twisty tree (think Tim Holtz) or cute and kid-friendly with googly eyes.

I think I'll be putting them in a scary old gnarly-looking tree with these guys flying overhead:
Spellbinders Nested Bats
and perhaps some of these sitting around the base of the tree for added effect and spook:
Spellbinders Jack-o-lanterns
*shudders* ...Spine-tingling scary.  You know what would really make these great?! Some bright bright yellow or even gold cardstock or foil behind them to recreat the effect of the glowing candles inside.  These goulish faces would really bring some fright then!

Halloween too, isn't much of anything here in Australia either, but this year--with these products, I'm doing to do my best to bring it back into the spotlight.
Spellbinders Pumpkins Nestabilities Dies
Need I say more? I didn't think so.

For something a bit more gothic, there's always these;
Spellbinders Graveyard Scene and Shapes
or even;
Spellbinders Halloween Fence Scenes
I love love LOVE how much you can mix and match with these sets.  Don't forget you could even team the above images with the Vampire punch from Martha Stewart that we showed you last time.

Now who doesn't love a a nice old lady with a cute cat, a sweeping device, some great boots and a hat??  Don't forget that she brought her crock pot with her!!! She's going to make us stew!!
Spellbinders Witches Brew
What's that you say?! She's going to make us INTO stew?! Oh dear. I might have to give her some of this to see if I can sweeten her up a bit:
Spellbinders Candy Corn Nested Dies
What do you think? Will that make her nicer??  She'd better watch out, with all the SPELLbinders I'll have in my stash, I might have to teach her some manners! *waves wand menacingly*  If she's not careful she'll end up looking like this guy:
Sizzix Movable Skeleton Bigz BIGkick/Big Shot Die
Of course, if you're after something to make your Halloween gifts more personal, hand-made tags are perfect--here's just the thing for you to use!
Sizzix Halloween #2 Embossing Folders

Well my lovelies, I think that's just about all for today.  I hope I've managed to inspire you with some ideas and of course, all of these gorgeous products!

Take care now and see you next time!

Linda x

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