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Friday, 3 September 2010

a quick one...

Hello friends!!

Just a real quickie today to let you know I'm still here and haven't forgotten you!! I've been super busy this week caring for Charlotte who is recovering from her operation BEAUTIFULLY!!! Kids are so much stronger than us adults aren't they?! Her scar is almost fully healed--amazing! She doesn't even seem to think anything's happened. Which is awesome. Mummy however still has a few grey hairs! lol

Anyhoo, I'm in the middle of a riDICulously exciting project that stems from a huge opportunity extended to me by the gorgeous Linda & Tina at I'm so so excited about it, I'll tell you all about it when it's ready. I really wanna share my news now...but I'll wait...or at least, try to!!
It's taken me away from my crafting desk for a few days but I will be heading back in there tomorrow night so, stay tuned!

Ok, so that's me for this time, sorry for such a short and card-less post! But never fear, crafting will resume its normal schedule soon!

Take care! Thanks for stopping by :)

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