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Thursday, 6 May 2010

Kristina's colour inspiration photo challenge

Here are the two photos I thought would submit for Kristina's colour inspiration challenge. The photo of the landscape is from Margaret River, a small town at the very south of Western Australia, famous for it's beach and wines. We went there on a short holiday a few months ago and stayed on a tiny hobby farm. The quiet was SO lovely, no noise but the breeze and crickets chirping. This photo is a view from the front door of the little house we stayed in. The colours are, I think, really unique to Australian sunsets, I've never seen any colour combinations like this anywhere else...its one of the few things I really miss when I'm in another country.

THe other photo is from the Sumo tournament we went to in November of 2009 when we went back to Japan on holiday. It's a traditional 'roof' that hovers over the Sumo Ring and is in typical traditional Japanese colours. I adore the deep lush purple that symbolises Japan's royalty and the combination of crisp white with bright green & red are truly unique to japan. I think theyd make a gorgeous card.

anyhow, hope you like and they inspire you to create something that takes you to your happy place :)


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