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Saturday, 27 November 2010



Sorry it took me so long to announce the winners--what a week!!

And so without further ado, the winner is....*drum roll*

Random AKA Charlotte-picks-a-name-from-the-hat
'CRAFTYHOMEMADE'---- congratulations!!!

You will receive your stamps in the mail VERY soon!

And because I'm feeling generous and Christmassy and all around grateful for all the support you guys poured out to me in TORRENTIAL amounts :), I picked a second winner who will receive some extra stamps from my personal stash :)

 Izzie's excited for...Mdoricheva!!!!! WOOHOO!!

**yes that is my hand holding the piece of paper, but she did pick it out. She just got too excited when the camera came out and she dropped it lol!

I truly wish I could have given you all a prize, it was so wonderful to have so many people join up to follow on this rambling crafty journey of mine.  Its so much more fulfilling to do this blogging business when there's someone on the other side actually talking back!! (otherwise it can be a bit like talking to a wall--not so much fun after a while!)

Anyhoo, please email me your postal addresses to and I'll get them in the post for you asap!!!

Wishing you all a happy weekend (We went to see the Wiggles live show this morning for Isabella's 3rd birthday present--she nearly had a heartattack when she got to meet Murray-(the Red Wiggle) AND Santa :) It was great fun but SO expected)

Congrats again lovelies!! Make sure you're over at the a2z blog and store picking up some AMAZING bargains this Black Friday weekend!! (I'm heading back over there to finalise my wishlist now :))
Talk to you soon 

Linda x

Too cute a photo of this little goose not to include.

PS. Check out the awesome blog candy by Yenni on the left!


Craftyhomemade said...

I won, I won...I´m so happy, thanks.


susy said...

Hi, just popped over from nichol magoiurk's blog after reading that you were looking for an album like hers. Anna's craft cupboard have them and the inserts. Cheers, sue.

Linda said...

Hi Suzy--thank you so much!! I've put my name on the 'call me when it's in' list. I have rung EVERY scrap/craft store in Perth (and a few in Melbourne and Adelaide!!) trying to get this album!!! I bought something from Spotlight but it's just not right :)

thanks HEAPS :) you're the best. Linda x