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Monday, 29 November 2010

Whiff of Joy

Hi again dears!!

Today as I'm sure you all know is CYBER MONDAY!!! (Kinda sounds like robots are taking over the Earth dontcha think?! *wink). Anyhoo, apparently over there in the big ol' U.S of A, Cyber Monday is the day when everyone gets online and snags a bargain or two...or twenty  *lol* 
(actually I like the explanation that it's the day where everyone shops online instead of does their work lol!).

So lets get right to it shall we?! I'm going to show you some stamps that I personally am a HUGE fan of and I'm super-happy that I get to introduce them to you:

Whiff Of Joy

Whiff of Joy A Little Bit of Magic Might Help
 I just love this little elf girl image. Super super cute. I love that she would work perfectly for many times of year and many 'reasons' to send a card.  She'd also be ridiculously cute on a layout if you did one about a child having a (minor) illness like the measels or chicken pox.--or even a scratched knee.  My daughter has to have a bandaid put on EVERYTHING even if it's just a bumped finger lol!

Whiff of Joy Henry Celebrating Mouse Stamp
 Whiff of Joy has such an array of images that range from beautiful to cute. This one takes the cake *pardon the pun* for the cute ones! Just look at his huge ears!
Whiff of Joy Ice-beary Greetings
 Perfect for Christmas cards!! Even a winter themed layout--what a gorgeous little bear!
Whiff of Joy Oakley Sitting
This little Oakley Sitting image is one of my favorites.  Plain and simple. I love his shoes, his little pants, his cute messy hair. *love*
Whiff of Joy Fence Stamp
Using Inkadinkadoo or Copic Masking paper, you can have Oakley sitting on this fence (or in front of it).
All you have to do is stamp Oakley onto your cardstock/paper, then stamp him again onto masking paper, cut out the image (stay right on the line with your cutting, if you cut just outside the lines, you'll have a 'ghost-line' where your next stamped image wont quite sit properly).
Peel the backing off the masking paper stamped image, then 'stick' it onto the original image you stamped on your cardstock. Next, using your stamp-a-ma-jig (or just stamp freehand), stamp the Fence over the top of the masked image of Oakley.  When you peel up the masking paper, it will look like Oakley is sitting on top of or in front of (dependent on where you sit him) the fence!  (I'll do a tutorial on this in the next week or two if you like--let me know in the comments :))

Whiff of Joy Angel Delivering the Christmas Tree
 Just look how beautiful she is. Need I say more?
Whiff of Joy Baby Jesus Stamp
 Perfect for Christmas!!
Whiff of Joy Ben and Nora - New Year Couple Stamp
These are new to Whiff of Joy--and they are CUTE CUTE CUTE!!!  I can't wait to get my hands on this one :)
Whiff of Joy Cheers to You
 Cute for tags, place cards, backgrounds...the list goes on and on!!
Whiff of Joy Willow with Toddler
I just got this beautiful beautiful stamp in the mail today *claps hands* I canNOT wait to use it.  It's so beautiful. I'l be using it on a layout about my daughter. It will come in handy when a friend of mine has her baby (she's due soon!)

To see the rest of our Whiff of Joy Range go to their blog/store HERE

Well loves, that's all from me today!

Talk to you soon sweets!

Linda x

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