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Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Shopping Our Stash--my first challenge!


I'm so very excited to be here to show you the card I've made for my first challenge as a Shopping Our Stash DT member!

The team has been so welcoming and supportive, I already feel like they're family, it's really wonderful.

This week's challenge is Try Something New. "Use a technique you've always wanted to try but haven't yet or one you haven't done in ages!"

There are a heck of a lot of techniques I haven't tried (and most likely even more I've never heard of lol) but I immediately wanted to try the bleaching technique. I've seen it done on Splitcoast Stampers and Stamp TV, but never tried it for myself.

It's horrifyingly easy. Emboss the images you want to use (You can use clear embossing powder, I tried that too), heat set it (obviously :)) then using a paint brush, paint the image however you want, with the bleach and the colour from the cardstock 'disappears'.
Clearly this would work better with darker cardstock than lighter, but I've seen it done with kraft and it works great.

I'm used mostly scraps for this card (bits and pieces from other cards I've made. The circular bling is one I've had in my stash for ages. Sentiment is Hero Arts (hands up who's shocked) :)

Funny Story: I canoodled my hubs into bringing a tiny bit of bleach home from work for me so I could try it out (without needing to buy a huge bottle of the stuff), and hysterically, he used an old white vinegar bottle that was about to be thrown in the bin. Unbeknownst to him, the lid to the vinegar bottle had been replaced with the lid from a bottle of tomato sauce (ketchup). So now my card smells like bleach, vinegar and ketchup. LOL.

I think I'll send it to my granddad, he's got no sense of smell anyhow :) teehee

So now its your turn! Head over to Shopping Our Stash and check out the rest of the DT's inspiration projects, and give it a go yourself! TRY SOMETHING NEW!

Be back soon!

Linda x


Carla said...

lol - too funny about the bleach, vinegar, and ketchup! LOVE how this came out. I have never tried this technique myself- need to get some bleach and do it! Lovely butterflies too!

Tina said...

Love your card, Linda. Such great colors and I never tried that techique....thanks for the inspiration. Oh and I love your story!

Mary Dawn said...

you make me laugh! your card is lovely...i've never tried that either, mostly because i'm afraid i'll spill the bleach all over!

Paige said...

Loved reading this post - so funny about the smells! Your card turned out great! Bleach on paper is always a fun surprise - the colors can change in unexpected ways! Welcome again to the SOS team!

Melissa Shea said...

*waving madly* you're brave for trying bleach! I'm not allowed to use it. If I even look at it, something gets stained! Beautiful card! Congrats on the DT!

lauren bergold said...

i can just picture everyone who sees your grandad's card admiring it extravagantly (of COURSE!) and then all coincidentally wanting fish & chips!!! :) :) :)

i ♥LOVE♥ your card, and you've explained the "bleach technique" so very clearly that even *I* understand... and think i could probably DO IT! (quite a feat!) ♥

Wendy G. said...

Absolutely fabulous, Linda! I am always partial to butterflies and yours turned out beautifully.

Glimpses of My Heart said...

Wow! I am not familiar with the beach technique, but the results are gorgeous!! So glad to be a "newbie" on the team with you!

Elizabeth Campau said...

What a funny story! LOL Poor Matt and his good intentions! Beautiful card, I am going to have to try the bleach approach!

Chari Moss said...

I make messes so I'm kind of afraid of the bleach thing but you may have stumbled across a new kind of card, smelly ones! or would that be stinky ones? HA either way you make me laugh. LOL Beautiful card!

jimlynn said...

Um....your card must not only smell yummy(LOL) but it's simple gorgeous as well!!! I LOVE THIS!! So pretty in those colors and the butterflies are just beautiful. Guess this will be another technique I need to try now!

Deena said...

this is a gorgeous result for a forgotten technique! love it!

Leslie Hanna said...

I'm still laughing over "horrifyingly easy" HA! I did this in a class one month, and I put a little bleach in a small glass bowl with a huge piece of packing tape covering most of it. I wrote BLEACH on the tape and everyone was justifiably skeered of it. Vewy, vewy cautious. Not one drop was spilled!

The cool thing about the bleach is you don't get the color you think you'll get on different colors of card stock. It's so fun!

Welcome to the team!!!

Stephanie @ A StephMade Life said...

This is beautiful! I've never tried bleaching before. That is hilarious about the ketchup! haha