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Saturday, 19 November 2011

December Daily


Sorry I've been MIA all week, Ive been furiously putting together my December Daily Album (the basis of it) so that when December does roll around (IN TWELVE DAYS?!?!!?!?) I'll be ready to capture the month without having to worry about the album itself. (this way i figure I might actually finish it too!)

So I've put together a little youtube video for you to see the whole album as it is thus far.  There will be a LOT more embellishing and a lot less white space by the time its finished, but the 'bones' of it are all done.

I have uploaded a few videos over at youtube lately, so please feel free to take a look!

Oh! And before I go, I want to say a huge thank you to the ladies at the Lawnscaping Challenge blog for picking my Cherry Blossom Thank you card (HERE) for one of the Top Mow-It-All winners. I'm so grateful and honoured to have been considered--seriously, this week there was some amazingly beautiful cards!!! (like every week :))

OK! That's it for me today, I'll speak to you soon!

Linda xx

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karine said...

wonderful, with a lot of good ideas!!! bravo!