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Friday, 24 December 2010

Merry Christmas

Hello dear friends

Just a quick post before I head to bed in the hopes of hearing sleigh-bells ringing and a clatter on the roof :)

I wanted to quickly share a funny little story with you--Isabella (who's just turned 3 a few weeks back) has been VERY excited about Christmas arriving.  She didn't really have much concept of it in general and we tried to let her discover and learn on her own.  She loves to watch 'home movies' (videos of us doing things around the place/on holidays/birthdays etc) almost every day so she's watched the one of last Christmas several times.  When we brought out the tree she was so excited and she's been full of joy and excitement whenever she's seen a tree or santa, or anything to do with Christmas out at the shops etc. 

A few days ago I mentioned to her that on Christmas night, Santa comes and leaves presents for you while you're asleep. Well...that didn't go down well. AT. ALL.  Her little face became tense and she got VERY stressed every time someone came to the door (even if it was a family member--she heard the keys in the door and would come sit practically under my feet.).  I stopped mentioning it and assured her she was safe.

Tonight, just before she went to bed, she got very tense again (she must have worked out that tonight was the big night) and she got SO stressed over the idea of Santa even coming near the house (we tried telling her he'd leave presents in the mailbox, just like the mailman!!), that I had to "ring" Santa on my mobile (cell) phone and tell him not to come!!

lol. That's my little worrier! So funny. She only relaxed when I convinced her Santa was NOT coming near us. lol talk about going against the grain!
anyhoo, I kind of loved her even more in that moment because she wasn't worried about presents etc like so many kids would be (We've never introduced the concept of asking Santa for gifts either, we don't really like it), but my little old lady just wanted no strangers in the house. haha.

Anyhoo, I'm off to bed to wait for Christmas morning with my babies. Matt is working unfortunately so we're doing a few presents in the morning with their grandparents (who we live with) and then we'll do the 'big show' when Matt comes home.

Wishing you all a VERY safe and happy Christmas my friends!

Lots of love

Linda xx

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Beautiful.Merry christmas