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Monday, 11 April 2011

just a quick hello and thanks :)


Sorry it's been so long, it has been cuh-raazy busy lately and I've been spending a LOT of time away from my computer, so blogging has been impossible.

This is just a quick note (no crafty goodness I'm sorry!) to say a huge thank you to Elizabeth from Visions of Paper blog who awarded me The Versatile Blogger Award (which is so sweet of her but I feel terrible I've been an awful blogger lately!)

Apparently there are rules that go along with this award, which are:

1. Thank the person who sent it to you!

2. Tell us 7 things about yourself

3. Reward this to 15 bloggers

OK, so while I'm usually pretty much a rule follower, in this case, I'm going to skip number 3, because I've stopped following a LOT of blogs lately. There is just so much amazing work out there (being done by amazing people) but it's taking me away from my family, and that's not a good thing (no matter how dreamy their crafty work is!), SO, all the people I follow now, Elizabeth has already given the award to (lol)

BUT, here is number 1

Thank you!!!!! You know you mean the world to me, even though it's been FOREVER since we've spoken! You're always in my heart and in my thoughts :)

Here is number 2.

7 things about myself:

1. I have a freckle on my little toe--as a child, I thought I was the only one in the entire world with made me feel special lol
2. My first pets were 2 goldfish who I named Astro and Uraine after the Astro Boy characters (whom I was obsessed with as a child!). Uraine had a funny fin (the dorsal one?? the one on her back), it had been bitten off/torn in a fight with another fish. I loved her terribly. I was SO SO devastated when she died. Apparently SO MANY of my (subsequent) fish died (and I was always distraught) that my dad took to coming home from work in the middle of the day, randomly, to check on them.  If he found one dead, he'd replace it before I got home. that's love huh!!
3. I have never felt more alive, more at home, more comfortable and more myself than I did (and do) in Japan. I miss it so much it hurts.
4. I easily make friends wherever I go, but my friends never seem to stick around. And I never know why. (do I stink?! lol)
5. I wanted to sing and dance on stage (as in, musical productions) and was completely broken hearted when I didn't get into the Academy. I was good (if I may say so myself!) but too young.
6. I was the 3rd youngest person in my year (grade) at school all the way through, but usually one of the tallest.
7. My first crush was Jonathan Wright. He was English, (had the accent and everything lol), he was my best friend for years and we sang a song about Witches from Scooby-doo in front of my entire year 5 class. *dies of embarassment*
7.2. I saw Jonathan's mum at the shops recently and she remembered me...I'm too chicken to go see what he looks like now lol (why kill the dream memory?! haha!)

so there you go!! insight into the weird and wacky world of me!

I hope to be back on here REALLY soon. I've missed it! But if I'm not, please stick around. I will definitely be back and I'd hate to lose you:)

lots of love and thanks again to Elizabeth.

L xx

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