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Saturday, 29 January 2011

Stationary Set follow up...cardsets!

Hi again!

Here is the follow up stationary set as promised!

This is less of a stationary set than it it a 'card set'.  I made these for my sister in law and my 'aunt-in-law' (if you know what I mean!)

Same technique, stamped (Hero Arts H5428 Hello Flags) on white cardstock, coloured in with Prismacolour Pencils (is it spelling it wrong if I use the British/Australian spelling-of colour-even though it's a product name?! hmmm).
Added a sentiment, then matted on black cardstock, then added to a notecard.

 As you can see I rounded the corners with my handy dandy Corner Chomper. I chose my little-used 1/4" corner this time. I like it. I thought the edges needed rounding to bring a nice contrast to the sharp spikey edges of the banner. love that stamp.

 I used two of each colour in the pack of notecards.

 Here is the set for my aunt-in-law. She's an artist so I wanted something simpler for her. a) because I don't want her to see how bad an artist I am lol and b) I'm sure like most artists she has a lot going on in her mind (artistically I mean) so I wanted the card to be simple and not in any particular style. 
How cute is this little bicycle (H.A F5293 Bicycle) though?! I don't even ride a bike and I love it:)

It's a bit hard to see in these photos, but I coloured the flowers in the bike's basket different colours on each card. I also rounded the corners of the notecards and the black matte cardstock, but not the white cardstock with the stamped image on it. I like the contrast and unusual edge this created. I'm happy with it.

Well, that's it for me!

Hope you liked!!

Lots of love

L xx

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Renee said...

these are super duper cute Linda!!! I heart the bike heaps!