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Monday, 25 October 2010


hello friends

this will be ANOTHER quick post filled with apologies from me.

I'm having one of those weeks months, where it feels like everything is wrong and too hard and too much so my creativity is pretty low.  I'm making things but I don't love any of them.  I'll still share them with you at some point but right now, I'd only be posting a picture with the caption "this is as good as I could get it" lol.  
Blogger is being a pain and changing all the formats for this and the a2z blog, which is taking me forever to work through, Charlotte stopped sleeping through the night and was waking every hour (which she's not done since she was born), Isabella is having a huge "episode" at every 10 minute interval and just is so rarely the little girl I'm used to having around, we all got sick for about a week.  
For those of you who don't know, I'm living with my parents at the moment.  I LOVE my parents to death and I so very hugely appreciate them allowing us to take over their home for a while, but I'm a very 'individual' (for lack of a better word) person. I like my space, I like my quiet, I like to do things when I can get them done and not be worried about rushing so I'm not annoying someone else, I like LOVE being alone.  Plus, I've not been happy living in this city for about 4.5 of the last 5 years I've been back.  LONG story short, despite my parents doing a wonderful job of sharing their house with us, I'm going more than a little mad.

I miss Japan.  Now, unlike most people, when I say I miss a place, I don't mean one specific thing, I don't mean, if I could go there for a holiday it would be better and I wouldn't miss it again for another however-many months/years.  Japan is inside me. It's a part of me.  It's where I first really found myself and FELT like myself.  (and that's saying something for a nearly 6 foot tall blondish-blue-eyed girl).  I miss it every day and on some days (like the recent ones), I've been so hungry for it that it's all I can do to stop myself from selling everything we own and buying a plane ticket.
I started a post last week to show you some photos of my beloved Japan but apparently clicking 'save now', doesn't translate into SAVE NOW to blogger (gah!) so here are a few photos for you:

This is the view of Kyoto city from the steps in front of the HUGE Kiyomizu temple. One of my favourite spots.

this is the Japan version of a takeaway restaurant. It had a vending machine you put your order through on! And the BEST ramen in the world!
this is in Kyoto

this is my beloved Osaka
and again Blogger is playing with my formatting-so apologies for these pictures being all over the place!

Anyway, that's enough whinging from me.  I'll try to pick myself up off the floor and get some good crafting done in the next few days and show you what I've made :)

thanks as always for being so patient my friends :)

Linda xoxo


Virginia L. said...

You and I have another thing in common--- I also LOVE Japan (although I am Taiwanese and now living in Cananda more than half of my life time)!! I can see why you love and miss Japan. The culture and customs are so rich...I want to live there,too!! Too bad I only visited once briefly. Thanks for sharing your lovely photos!

Helen F. said...

Beautiful photos, Linda. I have never been, but my daughter is there for a 3-week visit with a friend of hers. She has sent some amazing pictures to us so far and I am sure has some wonderful stories to share.