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Monday, 26 July 2010

*tries to look guilty for not blogging but instead yawns*

Hi again!

Sorry it's been so long--this will only be a quickie. The days have been flying by and I've made a few things but mostly just been playing and tidying my scrappy corner. I did a huge overhaul of the space which was exhausting and back-breaking but it's better now!

I've also changed the layout to the blog--I hope you like it! It's much simpler but prettier I think...however I've got this annoying little "undefined undefined" icon thingo showing up in the top left corner...anyone know how to fix that?! maybe it's from when I was fiddling with the html....I was going to change to typepad as I'd heard it had better layouts and better always in life, this apparently is only true when you're paying for it! SO i'm sticking with this one... I'm not 100% happy with the blog name (the url I mean) but it's working so far, so ...again, I'll stick with it (unless any of you has a suggestion?!)

Please tell me what you think of the new style.

I've got several new pics but I'll have to upload them tomorrow-I'm pooped today!

Thanks to all of you who come by and read my little bloggy ramblings...there's now an 'RSS' feed button (it's kinda see through but it's there just at the top of this post) that you can click if you'd like updates to when I post (which hopefully will be more often!)

I'm going to attempt to participate in more challenges--I think I need the inspiration. I see it everywhere (note: my blog title) but I'm having a hard time translating it onto paper this last few days. Never the right ribbon colour, or the right embellishment. Never the right hole-punch. You know what I mean. I just have to get my brain sorted and GET TO PLAY!! (not work :))

anyhoo, I'm off to bed early tonight (10:30pm..woohoo!!) so I'll say Oyasuminasai (Japanese for goodnight) and hope to 'see' you all again soon.

PLEASE feel free to comment, even if it's only a few words, I think it would be wonderful to feel like I'm writing TO someone rather than myself or the big ol' void that is cyberspace.

take care

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