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Monday, 14 June 2010

Sympathy card & Stationary box

Hello!!! Ohisashiburi!! (It's been a long time)

Sorry it's been so long since I've blogged, but this week's gone so fast I've barely had time to blink!

I've been playing a lot this week and I'm halfway through two mini-albums and I've made a couple of starts on cards but my mojo has gone AWOL (along with my immune system--enough of the winter sniffles!) so I've not finished much.

Anyhow. I recently read about Virginia's father passing and she's headed home on such a difficult trip to farewell him. She's such an inspiration to so many of us and is always so cheerful and funny, I hate to think of her suffering in any way or so sad. Life can be so full of happiness and laughter but also so sad and difficult at times. I was thinking of her when I made the card below.

As I look at it now, I think it would work as a birthday card/non-specific card for maybe someone older/more 'refined' but it is intended as a sympathy card--so this is for you Virginia.

I love the regal purple and I'm still playing with my nestabilities dies but I'm happy with the result.
I don't use sentiments on all of my cards because sometimes there just aren't words to express how you feel and I also like some cards just to speak for themselves--allowing the colour, images and shapes etc to do the 'sentimenting'.


Next is a cute little stationary box I made following the instructions from Splitcoaststampers.
I used the DCWV "The Green Stack" paper stack. It's so adorable I just want to shriek. :) the owls, the beavers, the whimsical little birds--just too cute. Their enormous eyes make me giggle like a schoolgirl too. You're best to use a nice thick paper/cardstock but I'd stay away from the textured Bazzill as it tends to tear/rip when really well scored & brandished...

I made the cards, tags and notecards all pretty non-specific as I wanted this set not to be for anything in particular, but you could DEFINITELY make a gorgeous themed box...back to school/end of year/CHRISTMAS!!! (I'm thinking this will be a Christmas gift many people will be getting from me!! lol
I'm thinking I'd like to try it with a 'fabric' covering (or even some stickyback canvas.)

It's actually super easy to make, the box only took about 20 minutes total. The tags/cards etc would take another 20-30 minutes in total if you were organised and had papers/embellishments already chosen. It took me around 2 hours in the end because I was tired and had no clue as to what I was going to do with the tags etc.

anyway, that's all from me for now!! I'm off to try to make something out of these few not-quite-finished cards I've made :)

have a fabulous few days until I see you again in bloggy land!

Linda xx

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Virginia L. said...

Dear Linda, I'm so sorry that I didn't see your post till now. However, I did get the virtual card that you sent me via e-mail. It is so comforting to know that you (out in Perth)were thinking of me ...a blog friends so far away! It really touched me and comforted me! Indeed, it was the most difficult trip that I made in June.I'm doing better now.Thank you for your kindness! PS: Love your stationary box!